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Eduardo Martinez

musician - composer - artist


I create soundscapes, music & art for relaxation, personal growth & entertainment.

There exists inside each of us a place of complete harmony & beauty. It is in this place that we stand in complete balance. My music & artwork are my contributions to help us reach that place more often.

Music has always been my main creative focus in life. Creating it, listening to it, sharing it with others, savoring it. I feel blessed in being able to share sounds & notes that once were just thoughts & feelings inside my mind & heart.

I was born in Lima, Peru, & raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have lived in the U.S.A since 1984. I embrace my multi-cultural background, & use it to infuse my music with a wider palette of sounds & instruments. I enjoy creating sounds & music with different hand percussion instruments (including African, Asian & Latin American drums), various guitars & string instruments, the Puerto Rican cuatro, the human voice, crystal & Tibetan bowls, electronics, computers & synthesizers, keyboards, & anything else that makes sound. The exploration of new instruments is so enjoyable!

The Sound Gathering, our Sound & Drum Circle, is a way for me to reach out & contribute in the creation of community. We explore the use of drumming as well as other instruments, breath & movement to manifest improvised soundscapes where everyone participates equally, from novices to experienced players. And it is so much fun!

T'ai Chi & Qigong are also important in my life, helping me create balance, energy & harmony as I pursue various creative projects. I teach T'ai Chi & Qigong as an extension of my desire to share their benefits with a wider audience. I use them too as a warm-up & warm-down sequence when playing guitar & music. Consequently, I am working on a course oriented specifically towards musicians & other creative types to enjoy the benefits of these Oriental disciplines. It all complements each other: movement, breath, sound & music...


Shared experiences of The Sound Gathering:

"This sound circle is far more than simply beating a drum.  It is beating the rhythm of our humanity and common core in all."  Jan

"I feel so balanced and peaceful afterwards, more my true self."  Deborah

"I felt peaceful, calm, and a sense of releasing."  Clare

"The space between my cells expanded and felt cleansed.  I enjoyed allowing my body to just “be.” Barbara

"I find drumming to be fun, calming and relaxing."  Elaina

"I find balance & peace in this sound circle."  Diane

"The sound circle was very grounding. ¡Perfecto!"  Carol

"My heart beat was lowered, my mind and thoughts quieted . . . I enjoyed the sound circle because of the resonance of the energy, the places the sound touch in me . . ."  Carole

"I enjoyed the physical release . . . the laughter, the instruction plus the attitude ‘that it’s all good,’ open and safe for all to experience."  Amy

"The circle is amazing.  I am glad I have been a part of it."  Victoria

"I de-stressed, warmed up, relaxed and felt my energy raising."  Susan

"I enjoyed the connection with spirit."  Dana  

"You are poised, have a great sense of humor, a wealth of knowledge and are kind & generous.  You’ve got a fan."  Deborah

"You have a calmness, presence & offer clear explanations."  Stephanie

"I really enjoyed how you conducted the circle by the subtle leading of the tempo & beat, incorporating little lessons on how to use your hands on the drum."  Bailey

"You are kind, warm, friendly and accepting."  Elaina

"You are open, accepting and a great teacher."  Diane

"I loved how you encourage participants to be creative."  Michelle

"You have a gentle and spiritual energy.  I feel free to drum."  Carol

"Eduardo is gentle, knowledgeable, spiritual and patient."  Denise

"I enjoy your personality, ease, professionalism and knowledge."  Amy

"You have an informative but relaxed manner."  Susan